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La pression s'accentue sur le Canada pour intensifier son virage vert

Selon un rapport du Clean Prosperity and The Transition Accelerator, les mesures américaines garantiraient jusqu'à 20 fois plus de soutien gouvernemental pour les usines de batteries de véhicules électriques. 

Most Canadian green subsidies are offered discretionally, through broad funds [...], in which companies must submit to opaque and sometimes lengthy application processes. Another incentive is the chance to earn industrial carbon-pricing credits. But those credits' value is affected by a trading market yet to take shape [...]. To the extent that Canada offers tax breaks,they're mostly relatively modest investment tax credits, providing help with upfront costs. The U.S. has instead gone massive on production tax credits. That approach is riskier for government, because it does notput a ceiling on public spending. With strong uptake, the total could dramatically exceed the US$369-billion reported when the Inflation Reduction Act was passed. But it's less risky for companies making investments, as they can count on annual subsidies (per unit of production) once operational, so long as they meet certain criteria.
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