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'Conscious Uncoupling': What can Global Critical Minerals Supply Chains learn from Gwyneth Paltrow?

The cruel world laughed when ‘Gwynnie’ first announced her plan to break up with Coldplay crooner Chris Martin in a structured, reflective way designed to manage a difficult relationship today into functional and healthy co-operation down the line. But no one laughs at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy ( Kiel Institute - Understanding and Shaping Globalization | Kiel Institute (, who last week counselled something very similar for German supply chains: Cost of decoupling from China for German economy severe but not devastating (

It has long been clear that for most European economies (including the UK), complete ‘cold turkey’ decoupling from Chinese supply chains is not an option. The years of Chinese head-start, the technical know-how, the low cost-base and the pure investment firepower all militate against it. But perhaps Gwyneth and the Kiel Institute point the way to a selective de-risking and de-escalation of trade hostilities that can help our economies to thrive independently in the long run? A build-up of vulnerable areas of our supply chains and a more collaborative approach in less sensitive ones. As the Kiel Institute study concludes: 

A more gradual derisking approach minimises costs compared to a sudden, hard decoupling.”

Or, to give the last word to Gwyneth, taking the time: 

To use the opportunity to really look at yourself and heal broken patterns so you don’t find yourself in the same situation again. 


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