It was fantastic to work with Reuters on this important call to arms for the UK battery sector! 

Batteries are a key part of the new energy supply chain, both for automotive and renewable energy storage applications, but there are huge challenges for the UK industry: 

  • The objective is an integrated industrial value chain- manufacturing, assembling high value products and ultimately recycling the cells and materials 
  • There are currently severe market distortions in the global supply chain that will likely require temporary state intervention to redress 
  • Structural deficits in the supply of battery elements are looming for the global industry- price and supply volatility is inevitable in the medium term

The UK has a history of devising cost-effective solutions to attract vital private sector investment for these types of challenges, and we urgently need that now: 

  • Brexit catalyses the challenge but also the solutions- can we develop a domestic industry by 2027?
  • We need UK Gigafactories, but also a short supply chain to support them- because batteries are heavy!
  • Multilateral solutions can address supply concerns: e.g. alliances with Canada, Australia and South Africa
  • Dynamic innovation and rigorous environmental standards can build on the UK's strengths in a global market-place

The Six-Year Challenge is on! 

Running low on battery power: Brexit Britain faces an acid test