The Government of Canada has updated its nationally determined contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions by 40-45% below 2005 levels by 2030. Canada's plan to build its Clean Industrial Advantage includes the implementation of the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada and the introduction of an accelerated capital cost allowance for clean energy equipment.  Additional commitments intended to achieve this accelerated target include: working with domestic and international partners to reduce emissions from transportation including heavy-duty vehicles, rail and marine and aviation operations; investing $964 million in smart renewable energy and grid modernization projects; providing climate action programs for farmers through the $185 million Agricultural Solutions Program and the $165 million Agricultural Clean Technology Platform; and introducing an investment tax credit for capital invested in carbon capture, utilization and storage projects.  The compounded and interconnected impacts of climate change on the well-being of Indigenous Peoples is recognized and a commitment is made to partner with First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation to position Indigenous climate leadership as a cornerstone of Canada's Strengthened Climate Action Plan.